The Alliance

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The Alliance is a group of employee-owned companies who have united under one umbrella to provide a seamless, full-service method of leasing office space with ZERO extra out-of-pocket costs and ONE single point of contact.

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The Alliance

Optimizing change is why we exist. The last decade was a lifetime ago, and we’ve come together to modernize the process of leasing commercial office space to meet the needs of today, and tomorrow. The Alliance is a true, A-Z office space partnership, formed of Colorado's best boutique commercial office space firms.

We are problem solvers, construction experts, designers, brokers, and attorneys with an eye on every detail of design - from ergonomic chairs to sustainable construction. We’ve partnered to bring the greater Denver area a turnkey solution to finding and designing office space with no hidden fees and faster results.

We work together to provide you with every detail of your space, with upfront pricing and no change fees, all with one point of contact. After years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen too many clients who partner with multiple vendors wrap their projects with massive unforeseen extra costs due to a lack of communication between vendors - and we’re here to solve for this.


Colorado’s best brokers, designers, builders and commercial lawyers.

Our process

How we do what we do.

Our services

The Alliance offers extensive expertise in commercial brokerage, design, architecture, construction, and law. We provide a wide range of services to all of Colorado and the greater Denver metro area. Work with one team, led by one specialized agent to implement your company’s vision.

Client focused

Our clients are always the top priority. We’ve come together with one objective, to successfully help our clientele achieve all of their short-term and long-term business goals.

Hassle free

Work directly with an experienced project manager with immense knowledge on running all types of tenant representation projects. A primary point of contact will eliminate the need to deal with multiple vendors, subcontractors, and other middlemen, resulting in the client saving time and money.

Alliance member's

Satisfied Clients.

We’re a partnership of businesses offering an agile, full stack, and customizable way to redefine your workspace through a seamless experience designed to reduce costs, eliminate hidden fees, and allow your team to work to their highest potential.


Elevate your space. Reimagine your workflow and breath easy. Localized, specialized, turnkey optimization is here.

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Our combined expertise offers Denver’s businesses what others can’t - a turkey office space solution designed to save your business money and time across each phase of the process.

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