About us.

The Alliance is a group of private companies owned by their employees who have come together under one umbrella to provide a seamless full service, method of leasing or buying office space with one single point of contact.

Our mission

At the Alliance, we embrace opportunities to work alongside clients, partners, and colleagues who dare to push boundaries and pursue bold “Now this is how you do it” dreams. Over decades of collective experience, we’ve discovered how to combine everything from real estate law, to commercial brokerage and workplace design, to deliver an end-to-end process with no hidden fees to support your success.

The secret? Reimagining the process from the ground up. For the businesses who just want the job done, and for those that are changing the landscape of Colorado. Our success started with forming partnerships with those who share our goals, values, and visions for creating a better future and it has yielded outstanding results. Our combined clientele list is packed with proof.

for colorado

The Alliance partners have served the Denver metro area for decades.


Some questions & some answers

How to find the best office space?

Start with a programming meeting with the Alliance to discuss your companies needs and goals and manifest those into your physical space. From there, the Alliance will find the best office space for your company.

How has Covid changed office space?

Employers are focused on creating an office that their employees want to come to. They are focusing on comfort and culture. More natural light, plants, space for social gatherings. As more employees work part time from home there are more shared desks, micro offices, and more small conference rooms for zoom calls.

How can my office space enhance workplace culture?

We’ve helped thousands of companies leverage their workspace to improve their culture, and the way each did so was unique. However, there are some common themes and best practices like:  creating an environment that supports both collaboration and individual work, weaving your company’s brand into your space, designing for serendipity, and building a workspace that respects each employee’s needs and wellbeing.

What's tenant rep? 

Tenant rep is when a commercial broker represents the tenant's best interests and directly negotiates with the landlord on your behalf. 

How much SF do you need per employee?

It depends on the type of company you are. The Alliance has a precise method to help you determine your exact amount of space for optimal performance. In general the range is 150-200 sf per person.

Are we a fit for you?

Yes, if you are in the market for a commercial office space of 10,000sq or more. Not sure if this is you? Drop us a note and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.