US Bank

US Bank

Reeding House

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The Ruschmeyer Team was tasked with analyzing and recommending a solution to US Banks twin tower locations at 918 and 950 17th Street (918 was home to the bank since 1890). The formal recommendation after 9 months of studying was to abandon and sell the 918 building, (now a Renaissance Hotel) and relocate to an entire low-rise bank of floors in the 950 building, (now US Bank Tower) with a new restack and then dispose of the 918 17th Street Tower.

US Bank building

Project details.

US Bank
Denver, CO

While corporate real estate suggested that HQ would not allow such a move, after 24 months, all 3 transactions were complete.

  • $50,000,000 in sale proceeds
  • Total cost reduction of $2.5 million annually
  • A new marble skin on the building and a very pleased satisfied customer
  • Total time frame, 33 months

US Bank building interior view