Peak Utility Services Group

Peak USG

ICE3D helped Peak USG save over 400,000 dollars with only one change order on the project.

Reeding House

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ICE3D helped Peak USG save time & money by: 

  • Utilizing 3D visualization & detailed CDs
  • Value engineering the design and only ordering day 1 items
  • Focus on nice but cost-effective finishes & fixtures
  • Bidding & coordinating amongst vetted vendors & manufactures (AV, Security, Cabling, Signage, Furniture, Movers, etc.) 

Peak Office ICE3D Design

“We felt like ICE3D listened to our needs and developed a plan around those needs. The experience was very good and we received a great space in the end. It was a great experience working with everyone at ICE3D.” - James Carithers, Chief Procurement & Fleet Officer

Project details.

Peak Utility Services Group
Arvada, CO
17,023 sqft

The results were: 

  • Reduced Initial Budget from 1.899,920 to 1.458,878 ($441,042 under budget) 
  • Only 1 change order for a lighting upgrade the client requested 
  • $4,820 saved on design, $17,023 saved on PM, and $28,982 saved on furniture 
ICE3D's Peak Office